The infinite expressions of namaste

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The infinite expressions of namaste

Namaste means the spirit in me honors the spirit in you.

And what’s beautiful about this concept is, there is an infinite number of ways to express it.

When we smile and welcome and high five first timers at the front desk, that’s namaste.

When we move our mats so the people behind us get a sliver of mirror in which to see themselves, that’s namaste.

When we blow our noses and keep the crusty tissue in our pocket and not on the floor next to somebody’s head, that’s namaste.

When we accidentally poke the person to our left and offer them one of those no harm no foul smiles, that’s namaste.

When we accidentally knock over somebody’s water bottle and offer to refill it for them, that’s namaste.

When we laugh at our teacher’s incredibly corny but well intentioned jokes, that’s namaste.

When we give a round of applause for the newcomer who made it through their first class without vomiting, that’s namaste.

When we introduce ourselves to that same newcomer in the locker room and invite them to come back tomorrow, that’s namaste.

When we look the teacher in the eye and thank them for challenging us to reach farther than our known limits, that’s namaste.

How does the spirit in you honor the spirit in others?

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 36 books, a TEDx speaker, the world record holder of wearing nametags, and the author of A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat. 

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