Stillness is the water that washes down the pill

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Stillness is the water that washes down the pill

Ever tried taking a pill without water?

It’s dreadful. The medication gets stuck in the back of your throat and leaves that nasty, chalky chemical taste in your mouth. Blech.

In fact, some nurse friends of mine say taking a pill without water can cause tissue damage and obstruction or inflammation of the esophagus. There’s even a name for it. Pill induced esophagitis, according to an article from a gastroenterology journal.

Of course, all of this can be avoided by simply drinking the right amount of water when taking your medication.

What does this have to do with yoga? Everything.

Because if you want to receive the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of the practice, you need an aid to make the medicine go down. And we’re not talking about water here. That’s why our instructor reminded us during a recent class.

Stillness is the water that washes down the pill.

Only when we truly relax can we soak up all the benefits we came to class to receive.

Mary Poppins famously sang that a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Clearly, she never tried yoga.

Do you need more still water, or more stillness?

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 40 books, a TEDx speaker, the world record holder of wearing nametags, and the author A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat. Scott is a Community Leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn, where he is a daily practitioner and the Managing Editor of their award winning blog. Learn more at

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