Part of yourself you haven’t made peace with

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Part of yourself you haven’t made peace with

Most of us have the capacity to be kind and compassionate toward others, but when it comes to looking at ourselves in the mirror, we’re much less forgiving.

That relationship is far too antagonistic. Extending unconditional love for all the parts of ourselves is a terrifying prospect.

But here’s the way out of that existential bind.

Whenever an undercurrent of resentment threatens to hold us in bondage and rob us of peace and joy, blotting out any pleasure we might have had, we remember to recite the following mantra.

I love the part of you that ______.

It’s perfect during yoga class. Simply look at yourself in the mirror and recite:

I love the part of you that’s flabby.

I love the part of you that’s clumsy.

I love the part of you that looks ridiculous in your tight little shorts.

Seven simple words. It’s an elegant tool for extending unconditional positive regard to all the parts of ourselves.

Remember, if you’re doing something that creates guilt, it’s time to reevaluate your standards.

Put the power where you should be. Before shame starts spilling out the side of your sneakers, learn to catch yourself when you’re falling.

Are you still angry at that little part of yourself that you haven’t made peace with?

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 40 books, a TEDx speaker, the world record holder of wearing nametags, and the author A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat. Scott is a Community Leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn, where he is a daily practitioner and the Managing Editor of their award winning blog. Learn more at

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