Leaning into the intolerable realities of life

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Leaning into the intolerable realities of life

In many ways, addiction and yoga are polar opposites.

One is leaving the moment; the other is checking in with it.

One is trying to change or control our feelings and thoughts and emotions; the other is learning to accept them.

One is doing whatever it takes to get anywhere but where we are; the other is trying to get the most out of what’s in our mind, body and spirit right now.

One is motivated by the fear of pain; the other deepens our awareness and tolerance of it.

One relieves intolerable realities of life; the other shows us how to lean into them.

One is a hell we get trapped into; the other is a heaven that’s always there for us to return to.

One is a tempting but ineffective way to handle recurrent crises of meaning; the other is a healthy vehicle for connecting with self and other.

The list goes on, and that’s a good thing. Because in the last twelve years, yoga has been a godsend in helping me heal my many addictions, compulsions and dependencies.

Without this practice, there’s no telling what the magical monsters inside my head might have done.

What helps you lean into the intolerable realities of life?

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 43 books, a TEDx speaker, the world record holder of wearing nametags, and the author of A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat. Scott is a Community Leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn, where he is a daily practitioner and the Managing Editor of their award winning blog. Learn more at www.nametagscott.com

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