Workshops, Events and Retreats

In addition to a strong schedule of yoga and fitness classes, we regularly host workshops, services, and retreats to focus on anatomy, flexibility, strength, and wellness.

Yoga and Salsa Retreat in Cuba, 2019

Yoga and Salsa Retreat in Cuba, 2019

“This was the best trip of my life! I’ve traveled to almost 30 countries and though I’ve had wonderful experiences, I never wanted to go back because I always feel like there is so much to see in the world. I did this trip in April 2018 and immediately signed up to do it in February 2019 AND April 2019! Join us for the time of your life!!!”

“What a fantastic trip! Rafael’s family [dance school owner and salsa teacher] is beyond wonderful and the other people [drivers, dancers, musicians, tour guides, B&B hosts] were hospitable, friendly and charming in a way I had forgotten existed. PLUS the yoga stretches you out in the morning so you can easily bounce back from the previous night’s dancing, ready for another morning, afternoon and evening of dancing in the most fun way possible. Having your own partner/escort throughout the week was an added bonus. The itinerary is well-constructed and balanced with something new every day – including live music. Every single day. Who could ask for anything more? ~ Deb.”


To register, please email Sandunga Dance School:
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Free Intro to Salsa Class.

Free Intro to Salsa Class.

Free Intro to Salsa Class. Come have a great time, dance, laugh… It’s absolutely free. Drop-in Welcome.

Join us for a free Intro Salsa Class and Q & A about our Cuba trip 2019.

  • January 5th, 2019 2-3pm

California Wildfire Relief

California Wildfire Relief

Donation Class with Courtney Mace

Saturday Jan 12, 2019
12-1:30 PM

Post-class refreshments will be served.

100% of your donation will go to Operation USA,,
helping those communities hardest hit by the devastating wildfires in California



Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays

Community style acupuncture is offered on a first come, first serve basis with Mia Herndon and Taganyahu Swaby. Read more about the acupuncturists on their site Lefferts Community Acupuncture.

$40-$60 | $25 with Medicare, Medicaid.



Every Wednesday weekly and First Sundays each month

Every Wednesday from 2pm- 4pm.  Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long. Please email to schedule a session with one of three Biodynamic craniosacral therapists.

$40-$60 | $25 with Medicare, Medicaid


Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays with Mia from 2 – 6 p.m.

Fridays with Tagan from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

To learn more about the Lefferts Community Acupuncture Project, please visit their website:


EVERY WEDNESDAY 1: 30 – 4:30 p.m. (Last appointment 4:30 p.m)

$40- $60 for 45mins – one-hour session $25 with Medicare or Medicaid card – 24hr cancellation policy

We advise all sessions to be booked in advance by emailing:

If you are interested in conducting a workshop at our studio, please contact with the name and summary of the workshop.