Detailed attention to the present moment

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Detailed attention to the present moment

The relieving thing about yoga is, perfection isn’t required, continuing the journey is.

There is no point at which you’ve made it. There are no winners or losers.

Linklater, the filmmaker and philosopher, said it best in his movie about waking up to life.

The ride does not require a destination, only occupants.

This mindset can transform your yoga experience forever. When you treat your whole practice as only a succession of nows, all of the anxiety and stress and expectation that once filled your mind floats away like a vapor trail.

And in fact, the same mindset can be applied to anything you do.

When you celebrate the fact that you’re an occupant and let go of the need to actually get anywhere, the journey is that much more enjoyable.

And so, when you lay your mat down next time, remember, detailed attention to the present moment is the only way to prepare for the future. 

What is your yoga a metaphor for?

Scott Ginsberg is the author of 38 books, a TEDx speaker, the world record holder of wearing nametags, and the author A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat. Scott is a Community Leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn, where he is a daily practitioner and the Managing Editor of their award winning blog. Learn more at

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